The Saint

A Grey-Knight Spacemarine. It stands about 30 mm tall and was sculpted with Milliput, Green-Stuff and some lead and plastic sheet.

Besides Games-Workshop´s miniatures and artwork I was mainly inspired by a great miniature from David Waeselynck (Akilless).

I hope you like it and of course any comment is very welcome.

Thank´s for looking, si.

- The process


  1. amazing simon!! what a great sculpt!! you really inspire me. keep up the good work man!

  2. What a beauty, give it a nice paintjob and go for the sword. Would love to compete against this mini in Single. ;)

  3. How did you make that tiny chain on the graves?

  4. Hi, thank you all for your comments!

    @veghist: It´s made of very thin green stuff "sausages", placed and shaped with a needle and a brush.

  5. I like a lot Simon!!, good work!!!

  6. I think this is your best piece ever!
    And way better than the GW's