The Duke

30mm. Sculpted with Green-Stuff, lead and plastic sheet.

It is my first sculpt in that scale based on my own concept. It was inspired by an artwork of Bretonnian heraldry (Warhammer Fantasy).

I hope you like the sculpt, any comments are of course very welcome.

Thank´s for looking, si

- The painted sculpt


  1. Absolutely brilliant :)
    However he looks a bit like a chibi anime figure....

    I would love to paint a sculpt from you some day :)


  2. That is brilliant and something I would love to paint. Keep up the amazing work. ~Jim

  3. Hi Si,

    As always magic by your hands and it is fasinating to see how you can adopt to different styles, this time the typical warhammer style with bulkier figures.

    Hope that you soon/some day will make some knights in 1/72 scale.


  4. WoW are You going to cast it?

  5. Hi,

    Thank you all very much for your comments!

    @Anonymous: Sorry, but currently the sculpt is uncastable and I have no plans to change this, at least not in the foreseeable future.

    Regards, si.

  6. Great miniature Simon! If it were available (hint!), I would be happy to pick up a dozen of them! I understand that it is not castable in its present form, but if I may suggest something... it would be great if you could consider a customizable mini along these lines with a choice of separate heads and arms. Breaking it into component parts would make it easier to cast and offer possibilities for individual customization... Great work again!

  7. Fantastic sculpt Simon - the best Bretonnian foot knight I've seen!

    Love all the fine details and the smoothness of the clothing and armour.

    A tutorial for the details would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Really top notch - amazing sculpt! The detail are stunning for 30mm.