So Gott mit uns wer wird wider uns seyn...

It´s been quite a long time since I started working on this knight (christmas 2009) but finally I have found enough time and motivation to finish the piece.
It took a while until I had decided on a colour scheme and in the end I choose to go away one step from the fantasy references I used towards a more historical approach. The result can perhaps be described as a "fantasy-interpretation of an historical character"....however the taints of chaos have been inevitable...

So, the person depicted is "Georg der Reiche, Herzog von Bayern-Landshut" ("George the Rich, duke of Bavaria-Landshut"). He lived from 1455 to 1503 and is mainly popular due to his lavish marriage with Hedwig Jagiellonica (daughter of the polish King, Kasimir IV) in 1475, an event still celebrated by the citizens of Landshut (The headline is something like a mission statement used during this time).
Besides that I like this historical period and had already consulted pictures of armour from this time during the sculpting process I found the duke´s heraldry suitable.
Both painting and sculptingwise I consider it not my best work yet in regard of the amount of time invested into this figure it has definitely been the most ambitious project for me up to now and I am pretty happy and even more relieved to have it away from my desk.

So far, thank´s a lot for looking and reading and of course I am grateful for each comment.
Regards, si.

The sculpt
The process


  1. Tasty it is ! Very well done Simon. Piece of bauty in paint and sculpt.

  2. A beautiful piece of work :) keep on going!

  3. I am lost for words....a wonderfull sculpt and so beautifully painted and based...
    Did you also paint the knights templar for Valdemar ??

  4. Hi,

    Thank you all very much for your kind words!

    @Paul´s Bods: No,I painted some hospitallers for Valdemar yet no knights templar.


  5. FAntastic work...... congratulations....

  6. Astonishing and beautiful! Unprecedented masterpiece.

  7. David Waeselynck12 January 2011 at 16:07

    Hi Simon,

    it's an incredible work!! i love all, Kostas K. is there, it's sure ;)
    A Big Applause for you dude!

  8. Well again you set the standard! Amazing sculpturing and painting as well. All the small details looks amazing and the tail of the horse is a masterpiece in itself...


  9. It's a wonderful job. Congratulations.

  10. Wow! I'm impressed. You have talent dude! In two days I'll be starting my first miniature painting. To create my own characters, I can only dream. Again fantastic work!